The Perfect Idaho Vacation

Why would you want to purchase Idaho real estate? Sandpoint, Idaho, is lovely little community located in the Northern part of Idaho's panhandle. It is a relatively small town (population approximately 6,000 people) but is home to a kaleidoscope of opportunities.

The town is located on Lake Pend Oreille, which creates opportunities for waterfront real estate. Sandpoint, Idaho, also offers other a vast menu of varied recreational opportunites besides water sports. Mountain biking, camping, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, bird watching, alpine skiing and snowboarding are all part of the recreational array offered in Sandpoint.

But Sandpoint has more to offer than simply recreational opportunities for investments in real estate. Sandpoint, Idaho, is the perfect place for new start-up business or the relocation spot for an existing success due to the availability of commercial land and relatively low taxes.

When you add in the available labor force, it is no wonder why nationally recognized companies like Coldwater Creek and Litehouse Dressing call Sandpoint home. Of course, Sandpoint also include such business staples like Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

Spokane Airport is only 75 miles away, another draw for investment real estate. Sandpoint, Idaho, does have an airport with the ability to handle an increasing number of corporate jets in addition to the dozens of sport and recreational private planes. The airport features the following amenities: pilot's lounge, courtesy cars, fuel, flight school and tie-downs for visiting aircraft.

Though there is still plenty of land available in the Sandpoint area for those who are searching for a fulfilling rural lifestyle, development has been steady at an average growth of 7 percent for the last three years. This development has been a result of the steady demand for real estate. Sandpoint, Idaho, is a bit of a puzzle though for those who are new to the area. From the air, Sandpoint looks like one city, when it actuality there are three independent communities that have grown together. Sandpoint, Kootenai, and Ponderay all have their own city hall, city officials, and police officers. Ponderay is to the West of Kootenai, and Sandpoint lies to the South of Ponderay.